Flowers are blooming 🌼 and bees are buzzing 🐝. Trees are in full leaf and fledglings are learning to fly! 🐤 This means that summer is finally here and we’ve got some of your top-rated games to share! 🌻

1. Amelie’s Café- Summertime

Time Management game

Sun-drenched days,🌞carefree nights, and beachfront bar weekends… It’s summertime at Amelie’s Cafe! ☕

 “I really enjoyed this game. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. I loved it! I played it in two days and am thinking of starting over because it was so much fun. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes time management! – Bndi”

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2. Around the World Mosaics 2

Puzzle game

Are you ready to start traveling this summer? ✈️ Solve intriguing and increasingly challenging mosaic puzzles 🧩using logic while you take in the sights.

 “I liked this game and think that many people reading this review will too. Here are the good points: 1) It has several aids that will help you if you make a mistake. They have to be purchased with in-game points, so you have to be careful using them. Very nice. 2) The game can be played as easy or hard. The easy is easy, and the hard is not easy. You can switch back and forth as you like. 3) It has a simple, no-nonsense design with big numbers and squares so you can see the setup clearly. I think it is a great game in its genre.– Jen”

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3. Delicious Emily – Message in a bottle Platinum Edition

Time Management game

Summer in Italy is like no other.🍕 🍝 Run 8 restaurants with Emily in Bella Italia and find a special message in a bottle on the beach. 🐚🌊


I have always been a big fan of the Emilie’s series, and the more episodes came out, the more connected to the family I felt. This one has a very special feel to it for me. It’s really very enjoyable to discover the past of certain chars and to see how it affects the younger generation. True to its form and fun factor, this episode won’t leave you untouched, and you still have to be a strategist at heart to conquer the higher difficulties :)Leyanire

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4. Escape from Paradise

Adventure game

Sun, sand, and beach! Get marooned on a remote island and try and build a new life in this adventure game. 🏖️

 Very addictive game. One of my all time favorite games – Missy”

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5. Otherworld – Omens of Summer Platinum Edition

Hidden Object game

No game list is complete without a good Hidden Object game! 🔎 Dark magic is threatening our world  and only you can see what’s coming! Find the magical artifacts to stop the evil forces before they cast our world into an Eternal Winter. 😨

This is one of the best HO adventure games I have played in a LONG time! The storyline was interesting. The worlds were beautiful, and the gameplay was enticing. I will look for a sequel with this one!Riskygirl

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