Today we’re kicking off our 12 Days of Cheer & Play event at GameHouse! Join us as we count down the days until Christmas with new features every single day. And what better way to get started than with some Delicious trivia! Did you know…?


Delicious Emily - Holiday Season Official Art - GameHouse

Delicious Trivia: Emily has starred in 3 different holiday games.


Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol may have been the most recent, but it wasn’t the first Christmas game Emily stared in. Back in 2006, a holiday edition of Emily’s very first game released as Delicious Winter Edition! Things were a little simpler back then—the game was identical the first and featured holiday dishes such as eggnog and fruitcake.


Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season was the first full-length Delicious Christmas game. It released in 2009 and was also one of the first true Original Stories games, allowing players a glimpse into Emily’s feelings and letting them help her pick between multiple potential love interests.




Delicious - Emily's Road Trip - GameHouse

Delicious Trivia: Emily has worked in over 50 different restaurants.


Emily is quite the hard worker! Since her debut game in 2006, Emily has worked in over 50 different restaurants. From classic Italian cuisine to all-American barbeque and even traditional sushi restaurants, Emily has done it all. She’s even cooked aboard a moving train!



Emily O'Malley - GameHouse


Delicious Trivia: Emily is currently 41 years old.


She may not look it, but as of 2020 Emily O’Malley is 41 years old. But that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams of cooking, innovating, and raising a family. As Emily has proven time and time again, age is just a number!



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