Recently we asked our fans to share their personal stories using #MyOriginalStory on social media. Many players weighed in to share how our GameHouse Original Stories games have impacted them—from fond memories, to emotional moments, to hilarious happenings. You shared your stories with us; now it’s time for us to share your stories, too!


Emily’s Legacy

Susie K. told us all about how Emily has impacted not only her life, but made a name for herself in Susie’s family, too!

Emily Young - GameHouse


“I’m now 60 years old and have been playing Delicious Emily ever since the first one came out in 2006. It’s been a few years and I’m still playing them! I own all the ones for PC and I love them. I even asked my daughter to name my granddaughter Emily and she did, lol! I missed the look-alike picture for Emily because my granddaughter looks like her and that’s no tall tale!!!!”


GameHouse says: That’s an amazing story, Susie! We wonder, will Emily grow up to be a famous chef, too? Time will tell!



“It’s Not Just Me”

Mandy shared her moving story on Twitter of how games helped build a deep friendship and encouraged her through difficult times:

Fabulous Friends - Angela and Virginia Art - GameHouse


“GameHouse helped build a relationship between a close friend and me. I now consider her family, something that was helped along by our bonding over these games. Also, the stories have kept me going in dark times. I could look at them and say, ‘It’s not just me’.”


GameHouse says: We’re so happy to hear our games have given you hope in tough times. Many of our team members pour their heart into our games in hopes it’ll help someone or bring joy, so it means a lot to us!



More Than Just a Phase

Kara G. shared how Emily’s character and family have grown on her over the years through thick and thin:

The Napoli Family Concept Art - Delicious - GameHouse


“I have loved Delicious Emily since Taste of Fame, got to love her character and her family from there and have been playing Emily games ever since.❤ It’s such a pleasure being a faithful player of this game, it feels like I’ve been there with her through every phase and have loved most of it.”


GameHouse says: We’re honored you’ve shared Emily’s stories and experiences and hope you continue to love future stories and developments!



My Heart Needs First Aid

Lee M. shared a story of how Heart’s Medicine surprised them with its emotional twists and turns:

Allison Heart - Heart's Medicine - GameHouse


“I was really surprised by Heart’s Medicine. I remember my partner playing Time to Heal and was surprised by how emotional it was and how much I loved the characters. I won’t spoil for people who haven’t played but let me say this game made me CRY! I thought stories that moving aren’t supposed to happen in casual games! Now my partner and I tease each other a little time management game made us cry but now we just laugh about it. We love the story and have been hooked on the series ever since!”


GameHouse says: Allison’s journey in Heart’s Medicine is definitely emotional. We’re glad you got your “Time to Heal” and can laugh about it now!



Too Many to Count

Vicki C. shared her enthusiasm for GameHouse Original Stories games and how she’s pretty much played them all!

Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue Amy Art - GameHouse


“I love all these games. Have been playing since they all came out. Have pretty much played them all! Over and over. We need some new ones or added to the ones already out. Hats off to the ones that think up these games. Way to go!😊💟🌟 Keep it going!!!🎉💛🎈”


GameHouse says: Thank you for playing so many of our games so many times. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our games and look forward to future developments!



Thank You for Sharing Your Stories!

We’d like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us. Our games wouldn’t be the same without you!


GameHouse Original Stories Logo

Delicious Bed and Breakfast - Emily Portrait - GameHouse

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Disclaimer: Some text has been edited for ease of reading. Last names have been abbreviated for privacy purposes.