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Earlier this year, we wrote a letter to our players. In it we expressed GameHouse is a home for everyone—a house you can visit from the comfort of your own home, regardless of distance or circumstances. Above all, we shared how important fun is in keeping positive and healthy. And how looking forward to something helps us overcome trials and work toward a better tomorrow.

Our team at GameHouse is made up of creative minds from all over the world. From the Netherlands, to Spain, to the United States, and even Australia—we’ve come together like never before with a singular goal in mind: To continue to support our players and bring you the games you love. Of course this means we’ve had to face some unique challenges. Time zone differences, social distancing, working from home, and finding new ways to collaborate as a team are among them! But together, and with the support of our amazing fans, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to not only continue to bring you new games, but release more GameHouse Premiere exclusives than any previous year.

With the holiday season approaching, we understand a lot of you may not be able to see your family or loved ones this year. Traditions may change, or plans put on hold. But what you shouldn’t put on hold is fun, joy, and laughter. You deserve to enjoy each and every day. This is something we’re deeply committed to as a team, so we’re continuing our mission to bring fun to all of you, including through the holidays.

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GameHouse, our house, is always open to you no matter where you are. And though you may feel lonely, or uncertain during these unprecedented times, you can continue to count on us to keep bringing you the games you love. We look forward to sharing the holidays with you—from our homes to yours.

– The GameHouse Team

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