The leaves on the trees are turning colors, and there’s a comforting chill in the air. That’s right—it’s October, and that means pumpkin spice and spooky nights are showing up soon! What better way to usher in the season than with a selection of Time Management games full of tricks and treats? Settle in with your favorite warm drink, then sink your teeth into these 5 Time Management games starting with…!


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1. Incredible Dracula – Ocean’s Call


Is it really spooky season without our favorite comedian vampire? Incredible Dracula – Ocean’s Call is the Halloween harbinger’s latest adventure. Dive headlong into a world of danger when a ghoulish giant breaks free of its icy prison! Race the clock, develop spooky strategies, and bite into a tasty Time Management game that’ll whet your appetite for Halloween fun.



Play Incredible Dracula – Ocean’s Call



Incredible Dracula - Ocean's Call - GameHouse

Incredible Dracula – Ocean’s Call – GameHouse




2. Rose Riddle 2 – Werewolf Shadow


A modern menace prowls the streets in Rose Riddle 2 – Werewolf Shadow. Join Rose Riddle as she embarks on her strangest investigation yet! Dozens of chilling challenges stand between you and the clues you seek. Can you navigate the twists and turns to uncover new leads? Find out today in this suspense-filled Time Management mystery!



Play Rose Riddle 2 – Werewolf Shadow



Rose Riddle 2 - Werewolf Shadow - GameHouse

Rose Riddle 2 – Werewolf Shadow – GameHouse




3. Haunted Domains


A cryptic call in the middle of the night will have you howling with delight when you play Haunted Domains. Run a hotel full of vampires, witches, ghosts, and more as you navigate the perils of supernatural guests. Five hair-raising locations, fifty levels, a Halloween garden, and countless laughs make this eerie escapade one you simply won’t want to miss.



Play Haunted Domains



Haunted Domains - GameHouse

Haunted Domains – GameHouse



4. Grave Mania – Undead Fever


Undertake a peculiar funeral parlor in Grave Mania – Undead Fever. But what is one to do when the town is full of zombies who simply won’t stay dead? Time to test out a new business model! Overhaul the Funeraria Loca into a scary salon full of frightfully funny guests in this clever Time Management game.



Play Grave Mania – Undead Fever



Grave Mania - Undead Fever - GameHouse

Grave Mania – Undead Fever – GameHouse




5. Vampires vs. Zombies


You’ve heard fight fire with fire. How about repel the undead with undead? Vampires vs. Zombies will have you fighting back against a zombie invasion using your own spectral abilities! Defend Transylvania from an army of drooling zombies and rally the forces of darkness. The count is counting on you to put a stop to the mayhem! Research new abilities, protect your fellow vampires, and bite into a Time Management frenzy!



Play Vampires vs. Zombies



Vampires vs. Zombies - GameHouse

Vampires vs. Zombies – GameHouse




Rose Riddle - Wolf Character Art - GameHouse

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