Last Updated: October 26, 2020

Thank you everyone who participated in our #MyOriginalStory event! Look forward to seeing your stories shared soon on the GameHouse Blog!


We’re celebrating 4 exciting years with the GameHouse Original Stories, or GHOS App – and it wouldn’t be the same without our amazing players! Everyone has their own story to share, which is why we want to hear how our games have impacted you!


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From now through October 26th, share your personal experiences of how our games have moved you using #MyOriginalStory on Facebook or Twitter! Tell us how GameHouse Original Stories games have impacted your life. Whether it’s a fond memory, a funny event, or an emotional moment, we’d like to hear firsthand the effect our games have had on you.

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Share your story with us using #MyOriginalStory by October 26th for a chance to have it featured on the GameHouse Blog. Please remember to make your post public and use the #MyOriginalStory hashtag so we can see it!

Without our wonderful players, our games simply wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for continuing to support us and our games. We look forward to hearing your stories!



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Check out the latest story updates in the GHOS App!


Emily’s story continues in Delicious World and Delicious – Bed and Breakfast! Check out the latest game and story updates today in the GHOS App.


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It’s Time to Share #MyOriginalStory!

We want to hear your story of how our games have impacted you! Share your story with us on Twitter or visit Facebook and share your story with us there.


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