Last Updated: March 17, 2020

Have you heard about the GameHouse Original Stories Subscription? It’s our official subscription service for GameHouse mobile games featuring unlimited gameplay, in-game benefits, and more! In addition to unlimited access to all 35 original GameHouse Original Stories games available in the GHOS App, GHOS Subscribers also receive exclusive benefits as part of their subscription.


These extra benefits extend to all our free-to-play games – Delicious World, Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath, and now also Delicious: Bed & Breakfast! Because free games + free benefits = unlimited fun!



Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath Logo - GameHouse

Allison Heart - Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath - GameHouse


Free Energy & Meal Deal Benefits – Heart’s Medicine


Saving lives is hard work! Allison faces the biggest challenge of her career in Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath. Since energy is in short supply when working the ER, Subscribers can enjoy two exclusive benefits: a bigger energy bar and 1 free Meal Deal each month – talk about a lifesaver!


Time isn’t always on a doctor’s side. But with these exclusive Subscriber benefits, you’ll have all the energy you need to race the clock and handle the pressure.




Delicious World Logo - GameHouse

Emily Napoli - Delicious World - GameHouse

Unlimited Hats & Daily Delights – Delicious World


Emily Napoli is known for her ability to wear many different hats: chef, best friend, vlogger – the list goes on! Yet even a time management extraordinaire like Emily needs a break every now and then.


That’s why, inspired by Emily’s amazing nonstop work ethic, Subscribers receive another exclusive subscription benefit: Unlimited hats! With unlimited hats in Delicious World, you’ll have unlimited lives to work with. Bon appetit!


Furthermore, players with a GHOS Subscription enjoy another delightful bonus: No resets for missed Daily Delights. If you’ve ever had a busy day and weren’t able to play and claim your Daily Delights bonus, you need worry no more with a GHOS Subscription.


Delicious Bed & Breakfast Logo - GameHouse

Delicious Bed and Breakfast - Emily and Patrick Art - GameHouse


Now Available: Exclusive Subscription Benefits for
Delicious Bed & Breakfast!


Delicious: Bed & Breakfast has also joined the GHOS Subscription with exclusive benefits of its own. In addition to a one-time 500 Coin welcome gift, subscribers will also receive a Lifetime Season Pass!


How does the Lifetime Season Pass work? It’s easy! When you sign up for your GHOS Subscription, you’ll unlock this exclusive member benefit. Then each time a new season starts in Delicious Bed & Breakfast, you’ll receive a free season pass, forever!


Delicious: Bed & Breakfast is free-to-play in the GHOS App. Download it today for iOS and Android!


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Emily O'Malley - Delicious Bed & Breakfast - GameHouse

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Players who sign up for a GameHouse Original Stories Subscription will instantly unlock all these exclusive benefits. Plus, play unlimited versions of all 35 original GameHouse Original Stories games available in the GHOS App as part of your Subscription – including newer releases like Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask!


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