Upgrade your fun with the newest GameHouse Premiere game 5 Star Miami Resort! Who hasn’t dreamed of building their dream vacation, or even their dream resort? 5 Star Miami Resort lets you do just that through colorful visuals and strategic puzzle gameplay. It’s a match made in heaven for Match 3 fans. We’ll even include a helpful brochure with this GameHouse Exclusive trailer!


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Create Your Own Miami Mega-Resort


5 Star Miami Resort pitches a ground-breaking idea: build a mega-resort like no other! Your excellent reputation as a notable designer’s assistant has caught the attention of the Champions League of Hotel management, and they have quite the ambitious project for you.


5 Star Miami Resort - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive - screenshot_01

5 Star Miami Resort – GameHouse Premiere Exclusive


However, you’ll soon realize things are a bit different in Magic City. This is one booming town that never sleeps! Can you manage incoming guests and keep them happy while tackling the prestigious project? Impress the Champions League with your grace under pressure and show the board your tenacity as a hotel tycoon, architect, and designer.


5 Star Miami Resort - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive - screenshot_02

5 Star Miami Resort – GameHouse Premiere Exclusive



Puzzles and Strategy: A Match 3 Made in Heaven


5 Star Miami Resort features strategic challenges and gameplay. Manage the creation of your resort successfully, and you’ll reap the rewards. Each building of your custom hotel resort will impact your gameplay. Construct 25 clever hotel buildings and additions; the further you progress, the more awards you’ll earn!


5 Star Miami Resort - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive - screenshot_03

5 Star Miami Resort – GameHouse Premiere Exclusive


The size of this GameHouse Premiere game is nothing to dismiss, either. Linked boards extend over several screens, introducing a massive world where levels and gameplay abound. It’s all about the right strategy: With numerous creative challenges and achievements to unlock, your talents as a designer will be put to the test!


5 Star Miami Resort - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive - screenshot_04

5 Star Miami Resort – GameHouse Premiere Exclusive


Though, don’t worry – patience is a virtue, isn’t it? Choose the right strategic approach for your game with the option to switch between Limited Moves and Relaxed gameplay modes. Designing a resort may be an arduous task, but why not enjoy the journey? After all, resorts are meant to be relaxing. Who better to test out how relaxing 5 Star Miami Resort can be than you?


5 Star Miami Resort Characters - GameHouse Premiere Exclusive



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