Last Updated: December 13, 2019

If you’re familiar with the GameHouse website or an avid reader of our blog, you’ve probably come across those brightly-colored tangerine words: GameHouse Premiere. If you haven’t before, you have now! So what exactly is a GameHouse Premiere game and why does it matter to you?



1.      A Worldwide Premiere


If games were films, a GameHouse Premiere would be the equivalent of a game’s red carpet debut. Much like movies, games are often released or first shown on a specific website or gaming app. And, just like a movie premiere, a GameHouse Premiere is a game making its worldwide debut for the first time – only on the GameHouse website!


Games given the GameHouse Premiere label are only available on the GameHouse website when they launch. These handpicked exclusives earn the GameHouse Premiere label with their unique gameplay, quality experience, and of course – fun factor! These special games are chosen specifically with our players in mind. Speaking of which…


GameHouse Premiere




2.      Members Play First!


GameHouse members are given exclusive VIP access to the newest GameHouse Premiere games and exclusives. Be the first to explore a new Hidden Object adventure with Road Trip Europe or Adventure Trip – London. Or try out the newest Jewel Match series release with Jewel Match Solitaire 2. Play any and all GameHouse Premiere games first before they release anywhere else!


With dozens of exciting games to play across multiple genres, which game will you choose first?


GameHouse - Members get to play GameHouse Premieres and Exclusives first!



3.      Quality Exclusives Made for Fans Old and New


Games are all about experiencing new things and having fun, and GameHouse Premiere games work to set a new standard and meet the expectations of our fans both old and new. Each GameHouse Premiere game is handpicked for its quality, attention to detail, and of course – how fun it is! Non-members are invited to play, too. However, you’ll be limited to a trial version with limited gameplay and ads.


Become a member to enjoy all the games in our library – plus GameHouse Original Stories and GameHouse Premiere exclusives – with no ads or time limits.


GameHouse Premiere and GameHouse Original Story Exclusives - GameHouse




Thousands of Games. One Subscription.


Sign up for a GameHouse subscription today and be the first to play the newest GameHouse Exclusive games with no ads or time limits!



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