Who hasn’t dreamed of a life 20,000 leagues under the sea? Tales of beautiful mermaids, mythical monsters, and timeless treasures abound. One such treasure lies just beneath the surface in the form of a magical Match 3 adventure. Dive into fun with Fiona’s Dream of Atlantis. Click Play to watch the trailer!



Awakening a Deep-Sea Dream of Atlantis


Fiona’s Dream of Atlantis makes a splash with the story of a little mermaid named Fiona. Far beneath the sea, the curious Fiona discovers the chiseled statue of a sunken warrior. She’s fallen head-over-eels in love! But the only way to bring her beau to life requires the assistance of a dark and powerful force.


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But the little mermaid is determined. Help Fiona navigate the twists and turns the dark forces use in an attempt to anchor her dreams. If she’s not careful, she could be caught in a net of powerful trickery and share the same fate as her beloved warrior.


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The Magic of Mermaids and Match 3


But we’re only just skimming the surface! Fiona’s Dream of Atlantis floods your senses with beautiful graphics and visuals. Dive into dozens of challenging levels. Just like a sea shell, no two levels, minigames, or puzzles are exactly the same.


Fiona's Dream of Atlantis - GameHouse - screenshot_03


Collect a trove of treasure by solving puzzles and tricky tasks. Earn bonuses to fill up your treasury and turn Fiona’s bright dream into a glistening reality. As they say, love runs deeper than any ocean, and Fiona’s Dream of Atlantis is quite the catch!



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