Resource management takes a down-to-earth, homegrown approach with Farmland – a new Time Management game. Plant the first seeds of your farm and raise your very own crops. Grow your future! Manage resources and time as you tend, trade, sell, and profit. Click Play below to watch the trailer:



From Farmland Rags to Riches


Farmland begins by establishing your stake in a delightful piece of farmland. Sow the seeds of your farming business by choosing which crops to grow, then tend to them until they’re ripe and ready to harvest. Joy is in the journey. Start small, then grow your farmland into a booming business!


Farmland - Grow your crops!

Grow your crops!


Once your business has been established, it’s time to manage your farm. Pick from a selection of seeds to plant, raise your very own farm animals, build up your farm and reap the rewards. This is your farm. Run it the way you want!


Farmland - Grow your business!

Grow your business!


A Rich Crop of Bountiful Fun


Farmland features 50 colorful cartoon levels that bring a bright and cheerful atmosphere to life. Manage time and resources carefully as you grow your business from the ground up – literally! Hours of entertaining gameplay await with 50 challenging levels suitable for farmhands of all ages.


Farmland - Sell your products!

Sell your products!


Let your farm flourish with careful care and time management, including managing your own staff and employees. Each staff member is an individual with a unique name, level, and employment cost. Evaluate who’s best for the job by reviewing their Focus, Health, and Mental abilities.


Farmland - Expand your farmland!

Establish your legacy!


But the fun doesn’t end there! Farmland contains even more fun features, including a Lottery, Market Research, and Technology departments, making your produce market a true Supermarket!




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