In the last installment of Tales of Lagoona, you helped Leona save Poseidon Park from complete destruction. However, in Tales of Lagoona 3 – Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks, it’s now facing another grave threat and she needs your help to keep the park alive. Journey back to the bottom of the sea and help this quirky cast of characters untangle the mystery and save the park! Click the Play button below to watch the trailer.



Scour the Ocean Floor for Answers


In Tales of Lagoona 3 – Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks, Poseidon Park is in trouble once again as the latest repairs have gone horribly awry. To make matters worse, Mayor Finn has disappeared during this turbulent time. Leona and Theo must desperately scramble to save the park from the ploys of the crafty Mayor Peabody! Will you be able to help them save the park in time?


Find hidden objects hidden within Poseidon Park!


Along the way, you will begin to untangle the mysteries surrounding Poseidon Park. Uncover curious clues as you search the fantastical underwater amusement park. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in questions and diving for answers. Discover the keys to the kingdom and make it your own!


You hold the key to solving the mysteries flooding the underwater theme park!


Don’t Drown in the Options! Learn to Swim in Them!


Tales of Lagoona 3 – Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks is the third installment of the Hidden Object adventure series. Along the way, you will solve over 250 exciting puzzles with gorgeous HD visuals that will leave you begging for more of this beautiful underwater world. Puzzles, like the residents under the sea, come in all shapes and varieties. Find matches and missing items or create entirely new ones with alchemy-inspired minigames.


Discover exciting elements and create the solution!


After solving Hidden Object puzzles, you will be able to become a tycoon of Poseidon Park and customize it exactly as you wish. Add your own personal touches with over two hundred possible upgrades. Show off all your hard work by showcasing your accomplishments! Over one hundred trophies, achievements, and bonus goals are unlockable.


Become a tycoon and customize Poseidon Park to your own specifications!


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Dive into the mystery and save Poseidon Park today!

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