Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you were the one to sneak into the graveyard at night or tell ghost stories around a fire. Perhaps you’re the opposite, and don’t believe in the supernatural. Whether you’re a skeptic or a seasoned paranormal investigator, it’s undeniable that FRH Games has delivered once again with spooky Match 3 adventure Cursed House 5. Click Play below to watch the trailer!



Inside the Cursed House


Cursed House 5 is the newest installment of the Cursed House game series. Steel your nerves, because the monstrous mansion is more haunted than ever before! Evil spirits have turned the once luxurious home into a domain of anguish. Filled with dark intent, these ghosts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Cursed House 5_screenshot-1


Yet every curse has its crux. Hidden within the mansion are mysterious coins with the power to exorcise spirits. And you hold the key! Armed with a powerful Amulet, the ghostly tenants of Cursed House 5 have officially met their match.


Cursed House 5_screenshot-2


A Domain of Puzzling Perplexities


The exterior of Cursed House 5 isn’t the only twisted component of this menacing Match 3 game. Within the creaking halls and winding corridors lie dozens of challenging puzzles. This mystery mansion is built on more than Match 3 levels. Solve additional Hidden Object scenes, Find-the-Difference minigames, and 25 hands of spirited Solitaire.


Cursed House 5_screenshot-3


Outsmart even the most conniving apparitions in 115 challenging Match 3 puzzles. Win matches, earn coins, and fill your Amulet with the power to cleanse the house of evil. The power of coins compels you! Beneath the haunted façade of ghastly ghouls and gargoyles, a beautiful house waits to be restored.


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Now Available at GameHouse

Enter the cursed mansion, if you dare!

Play Cursed House 5

Cursed House 5 Gargoyles


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