It’s February, and love is in the air! Or at least, so they say. In reality the air has reached record cold in many places. But while we may be only a week in to our six-week winter extension, no amount of cold can quell the warmth in our hearts. So as a gift from us to you on this chilly Valentine’s Day, we’re wrapping our warmest thoughts into this list of 3 games to warm your heart.


1.      Travel Mosaics – A Paris Tour


Forget the frigid cold. Embark on a lively trip to Paris in Travel Mosaics – A Paris Tour. Piece together intricate nonogram puzzles lovingly crafted into colorful mosaics. Take a virtual tour of the City of Light and visit the most stunning attractions within the French capital. There’s 120 color-coded nonograms to solve and 20 additional bonus nonograms to unlock. Top it all off with 20 extra bonus puzzles, multiple difficulty modes, and fun facts and quizzes about one of the world’s most charming cities. While the setting is romantic, Travel Mosaics – A Paris Tour is a fun-filled puzzle game fitting for all ages.


Travel Mosaics - A Paris Tour

Travel Mosaics – A Paris Tour


2.      Immortal Love – Letter From The Past Platinum Edition


Maybe the cold is your thing. Perhaps the news of six more weeks of winter sent your heart fluttering at the thought. For those with darker tastes, Immortal Love – Letter From The Past Platinum Edition is a Hidden Object Adventure that promises to deliver nothing less than a pleasurable chill. It begins with a tale of two souls, lovingly bound to each other. But every fairy tale has its end. Jacques loses his beloved Angelica, his memories, and his freedom. Waiting for his execution, only a cryptic letter from the past will revive his memories. What happened to his beloved? What sort of magic rules the citizens? Is the power of love strong enough to unravel the mystery behind the Lavender Festival? A tale of love and loss await in Immortal Love – Letter From The Past Platinum Edition, a game perfectly accented by sensuous melodies that will give you chills.


Immortal Love - Letter From The Past Platinum Edition

Immortal Love – Letter From The Past Platinum Edition


3.      Jewel Match Solitaire – L’Amour


Love is in the Solitaire with Jewel Match Solitaire – L’Amour. Enter the enchanting world of Jewel Match in this charming Solitaire Card game adventure. Follow a pair of Solitaire sweethearts through 200 beautiful levels. Explore and rebuild 5 beautiful scenes, accented by 50 replayable bonus Mahjong levels. Love is in the cards with a customizable deck and several delightful card back designs to choose from. You’ll encounter dozens of gameplay variations, including frozen cards, power-ups, obstacles, and more. Jewel Match Solitaire – L’Amour fondly reminds our inner card guru that all is fair in love and Solitaire.


Jewel Match Solitaire - L'Amour

Jewel Match Solitaire – L’Amour



Play to your heart’s content this Valentine’s Day.

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