Reality is merely a matter of perception. Inspired by legendary John Carpenter’s The Thing, your survival in this dark thriller is entirely dependent on Distrust.



A New Survival Game Experience


Stranded in the frigid Arctic after a helicopter crash, a group of explorers are about to face a challenge far more threatening than the hostile cold. A terrifying force has surfaced and is stalking them, draining the life from their bodies one by one. But the longer they battle their exhaustion and try to stay awake to combat the threat, the less likely they are to survive…




Am I the Mad One, or Are You?


Distrust features several unique mechanics that promise each and every game experience is guaranteed to be one of a kind. Each level is randomly generated with unique challenges, threats, and events. On top of surviving the extreme climate, your mind will have to survive the extreme fatigue, or risk succumbing to madness, and ultimately, death.




Choose a team of two from 15 qualified survivors, each with special skills and abilities. Utilizing their unique skills, devise a survival strategy and map out your escape. Find food, utilize equipment, and overcome challenges to progress. But no matter who you choose, everyone is susceptible to the psychoses that manifest. Swap between survivors to observe surroundings from their unique perspective. Analyze, compare, and determine what is and isn’t real.




Every Choice has Consequences


Each randomly-generated level will offer new quests and tasks. Explore the Arctic base, making your way between sectors. Death waits around every corner and psychoses in every crevice. Your decisions impact the fate of your team. Multiple game endings and plot twists hinge entirely on your choices. Checkpoints, careful choices, and split-second decisions all factor into the potential ending of your game. With four endings to discover, Distrust offers plenty of replay value.




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Survival is entirely dependent on Distrust.

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