Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and there’s an undeniable love in the air. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or independently, everyone could use a little more fun. We love our players, and so as our gift to you, we’ve come up with a list of five delightful games we’re sure you’ll love, too.




1. Regency Solitaire

The undeniably romantic setting of Regency England awaits you in the resplendent Regency Solitaire. Bella, true to her name, is a romantic at heart. With lavish dreams of creating an exquisite ballroom, our lovely lady must visit gorgeous historical locations. From lush estate gardens to opulent homes throughout London and Brighton, fully realize your aspirations through lovingly-picked ballroom décor. A lost fortune, and a chance of true love await you. Experience the regal tale through 180 unique levels spanning more than 20 chapters. Purchase exciting upgrades for your ballroom with classically composed music acting as your inspiration. It’s a card game that’s sure to quickly win your heart.


Regency Solitaire

Regency Solitaire

2. I Heart You Too

If your definition of classic Valentine’s Day falls more in line with famous holiday sweets, you’ll love I Heart You Too – a puzzle game with heart. Play Match 3 with endless amounts of delicious candy hearts. Reminisce with classic messages, such as True Love and Be Mine. These chalky treats won’t leave any crumbs as you smash through 100 exciting levels. Take on 6 different game modes: Score, Timed, Glass, Sugar Drop, Block, and Color. Earn coins and collect boosters that’ll make your heart skip a beat.


I Heart You Too

I Heart You Too

3. Wedding Dash 4-Ever

If you’re in a hurry to rush down the aisle, don’t wait – play Wedding Dash 4-Ever! Quinn’s back as wedding planner and host in charge of making sure every perfect day is just that: Perfect. Plan 10 amazing weddings as you manage everything from seating to entertainment. Avert disasters, including Bridezillas, Groom Kongs, and food fights. But no amount of wedding planning could prepare Quinn for the most unexpected disaster of them all: the arrival of her own mother! Join best friends Quinn and Flo as they manage 50 levels of wedding chaos in a bid to keep it all under control.


Wedding Dash 4-Ever

Wedding Dash 4-Ever

4. Delicious – Emily’s True Love Platinum Edition

Experience the romance all over again with Delicious – Emily’s True Love Platinum Edition. Emily’s personal restaurant business is booming, however her personal life is non-existent. That is, until one day, when a rose and an old love letter arrive. Follow Emily as she dons her rose-colored glasses and embarks on a journey of the heart that will lead her all the way to Paris. It’s a heart-racing time management game featuring 50 levels, and 10 bonus levels in which you can play none other than Emily’s fashionable friend, Francois! Did Emily find her true love in the seventh title of the Delicious franchise? Find out for yourself today!


Delicious - Emily's True Love Platinum Edition

Delicious – Emily’s True Love Platinum Edition

5. Forest Legends – Call of Love Platinum Edition

Show love to your inner hidden object enthusiast with Forest Legends – Call of Love Platinum Edition. Deep within an enchanting forest, a forbidden love is blooming. The fair maiden Eveline and fearsomely handsome werecat Aurelio want nothing more than to be together. However, it will be up to Eveline to rescue her beloved when he’s abducted by his own people. Overcome the trials and discover the truth of magic itself in this tale of love and belief. With an additional bonus chapter exploring the story’s roots, it’s a tale that promises to be nothing short of captivating.


Forest Legends - Call of Love Platinum Edition

Forest Legends – Call of Love Platinum Edition


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