It’s time to put your time management skills to the test with Make It Big In Hollywood! Lisa is an ambitious filmmaker, but she was born into the farm life. Milking cows and feeding chickens is far from glamorous, though. Every night she dreams of making her star-studded dreams a reality, and nothing will extinguish the twinkle in her eye.



From Red Apples to Red Carpet


Embark on a journey of discovery with Lisa as she attempts to go big, or go home trying! Featuring more than 70 exciting levels spread throughout 6 star-studded locations, Lisa is sure to have her hands full. Learn the ins and outs of movie directing. Manage sets, actors, costumes, takes, and more as you reach for the stars. With more than 25 movies waiting to be made spanning multiple genres, the talent is sure to come pouring in.




But with great power comes great responsibility. Making it to the top takes more than just glamor. It takes hard work, dedication, and inspiration. Overcome multiple challenges as you manage multiple projects, actors, and especially your budget!




Lights………. Camera………. ACTION!

Don’t put off the dream any longer!

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