To build a better gaming experience, we’ve recently asked you what you would change about our service or website. The amount of responses we’ve received was overwhelming. Thank you all for sharing your great ideas and helping us improve!

Below you can find the ideas we loved the most and the names of the players who had a flash of genius. Congratulations Bob, Mary, Margaret, Melissa, Neva, Skipper, Lisa and Sandra! You’ve all won 2 game credits. We’ll contact you by email with further information.

Great Idea campaign winners:

“If a game is part of a series then I suggest that, whenever a customer shows interest in one of that series, there should be some kind of automatic link to alert or direct customers to other games in that series.  Sometimes it has only been by accident that, having enjoyed one such game, I have come across another in the series.  And it may be there are still more out there that I would enjoy.”



“When I choose a type of game I want to look at I hate scrolling down one column, loading more, scrolling down, loading more, scrolling down – and when I pick one to look at and go back I have to start all over again. But what you could do is have it that when you look at a game and then go back to the search page it goes back to where you left off – not the beginning again.”



“I haven’t found a page I can go to see the list of games that I’ve played. Do you have this sort of page?”



“I would like to have a personal game queue that I could add games to that I don’t have to download until I want to play them. I see a lot of games I would like to play and it would just be more convenient to have them ready to be accessed from my own queue of games instead of trying to remember which ones I saw and where they were.”



“Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas. I have been a member for 3+ years and enjoyed it so much. On the anniversary of a members join date, give some recognition. Thank you for the birthday gift. As FunPass members stay members, recognize it with a small gift. Maybe the opportunity to get a free month. Give us a shout out on the page somewhere.”



“I also wish you would reinstate the community message boards.  It would seem that the site might benefit from a “members as moderators system”.  There could be a silent GameHouse Administrator who does not interface with the public so as to keep the petulance and retaliation attitude out of the forums, but provides guidance to the moderators.  The moderators should have the authority to point out that member negativity which does not have a purpose or proposed solution is discouraged (this was allowed to go unchecked in the past) and can lead to having posts deleted or member suspension from the boards if appropriate.”



“Hi…first of all.. let me say that I love GameHouse… it’s the only game site that I visit or use. It’s the only one I would think of spending money on. My main suggestion would be to give unlimited players rewards for something other than free games.  Why would I buy a game when I pay money each month to play whatever I like?”



“I also would enjoy you finding a way to offer those of us that have  been members for a long time the chance to win a free month of service or some  type of merchandise with the GameHouse logo on it. A t-shirt, coffee mug, a large glass for drinks, stuffed animal, gift card, magazine subscription. That would be  fun to actually win something and to just know that our membership means something to the company. I play games every day and really enjoy  playing  new games. I like the hidden object games & of course time management games. The Emily games are super fun & I hope there are more of those games coming very soon. The game is fun & makes you want to keep going &  going. I was looking for a Holiday Emily game (new one). Some Emily prizes would be great also for those of us that are Emily Addicts.”