Coming Soon

Below are games that we expect to release within the next two weeks. It’s important to understand that game release time frames are subject to change due to various reasons, and that new games may launch without notice. As a result not all games we release get to appear in this list.

April 22 – May 3

Hidden Expedition - The Pearl of Discord Collector's Edition

Games currently expected to be released in the next two weeks:

  • Hidden Expedition – The Pearl of Discord Collector’s Edition (Hidden Object)
  • DayD – Through Time Collector’s Edition (Time Management)
  • Dreamland Solitaire (Card)
  • Chronicles of Magic – Divided Kingdoms (Hidden Object)
  • The Enthralling Realms – The Witch and the Elven Princess (Match 3)
  • Mystery Tales – The House of Others Collector’s Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Pixel Art 3 (Puzzle)
  • Hermes – Rescue Mission (Time Management)


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