Coming Soon

Below are games that we expect to release within the next three weeks. It’s important to understand that game release time frames are subject to change due to various reasons, and that this is not an absolutely comprehensive list. As a result not all titles we release get to appear in this list.

December 4 – December 22

Games currently expected to be released in the next three weeks:

  • The Myth Seekers – The Legacy Of Vulcan (Hidden Object)
  • World’s Greatest Cities Mosaics 3 (Puzzle)
  • Greed – Old Enemies Returning (Hidden Object)
  • Karma – Incarnation 1 (Puzzle)
  • Grim Tales – Threads of Destiny Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Maze – Subject 360 Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Winter Mosaics (Puzzle)
  • Myths of the World – The Whispering Marsh Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Darkheart – Flight of The Harpies Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Modern Tales – Age of Invention (Hidden Object)
  • Redemption Cemetery – Clock of Fate Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2 (Card)
  • Embrace of Ocean – Story of Hope (Hidden Object)
  • League of Light – Silent Mountain Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Santa’s Workshop Mosaics (Puzzle)
  • Midnight Calling – Anabel Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)
  • Dream Walker (Hidden Object)
  • Chimeras – The Signs of Prophecy Platinum Edition (Hidden Object)


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