World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers
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World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers

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World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers combines the world of classic fiction with charming mosaics. Can you solve the puzzling case of the missing classical stories?

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Solve the puzzling case of the missing stories stolen from the Halls of Fiction!

In World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers, a puzzling case awaits you! The wicked Victor Vile has stolen a true collection of classic stories from the Halls of Fiction. Beauty & the Beast, Swan Lake, Aladdin - all are missing. Travel through the stories of the stolen books themselves as you solve mosaic puzzles. Use your sleuthing skills to pick up the pieces in World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers!
  • play through 110 beautiful story mode puzzles
  • unlock over 100 additional color puzzles
  • put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with additional 3 star challenges
  • experience the classics as told through over 10 hours of puzzling gameplay

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