World Mosaics 7
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World Mosaics 7

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World Mosaics 7 is another fantastic game in the puzzle series! Travel back in time for a secret mission to catch a rogue agent.

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Discover World Mosaics 7, a secretive puzzle game that calls for detective skills!

Play World Mosaics 7, an intriguing puzzle game! Certain anomalies have occurred since the sand from the Hourglass of Time disappeared. You discover the theft is an inside job, and as a result have to keep your findings as much a secret as possible. Travel back in time to find clues, solve puzzles, and solve the case. Will you succeed? Find out in World Mosaics 7!
  • discover hours of puzzle fun with 100 unique levels
  • travel to interesting eras and meet fascinating people
  • try to earn 3 stars for every level
  • finish the game to unlock 150 bonus levels

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