StarL 4
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StarL 4

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StarL 4 embarks on a gem-matching odyssey! Immerse yourself in serene visuals as you conquer 130 Match 3 levels with vibrant animation.

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Master the gems in this thrilling Match 3 adventure!

StarL 4 embarks on a serene gem-matching adventure across 130 Match 3 levels! Challenge your skills with colorful animation, swapping adjacent gems to create powerful combos. Destroy tiles, collect more than three gems for bonus items, and enjoy hours of captivating gameplay. Experience tranquil visuals in the captivating world of StarL 4!
  • Indulge in endless Match 3 fun across 130 levels!
  • Race against the clock and emerge as the matching master.
  • Utilize handy tools to stay ahead of the game.
  • Unleash exclusive power-ups to enhance your gaming journey!