StarL 3
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StarL 3

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StarL 3 steps into a radiant Match 3 world! Delight in extended hours of gameplay as you align vibrant gems and shatter through tiles.

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Ignite your passion for puzzles in a radiant Match 3 game!

StarL 3 steps into a radiant Match 3 world! Discover a dazzling and expansive game that will ignite your passion for puzzles. With a myriad of puzzles spanning various levels of complexity, StarL 3 promises an adventure like no other. Unleash your gem-matching prowess, obliterate tiles, and embark on an unforgettable journey through shimmering challenges in StarL 3!
  • Explore 130 radiant Match 3 levels!
  • Harness handy tools to get ahead in the game.
  • Match more than three gems to acquire bonus items.
  • Discover loads of unique power-ups waiting to be unleashed!