Rescue Team 7 Platinum Edition
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Rescue Team 7 Platinum Edition

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Rescue Team 7 Platinum Edition marks the return of our favorite heroes. When Mother Nature creates disasters on earth, the rescue team is there to save the day!

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Mother Nature has met her match! This team of true heroes won't stop until every victim is safe.

Your heroes are back in Rescue Team 7 Platinum Edition! There's no calamity too big, and no animal too small to keep the Rescue Team off the scene. But when volcanoes start to rumble, and thunder splits the sky, the team might have met their match. Can you guide them through the rubble of one disaster after another? Use your strategic skills in Rescue Team 7 Platinum Edition.
  • strategize your way through 70 gripping levels
  • enjoy the vibrant graphics and animations
  • play at your own pace with the timed and untimed modes
  • discover enchanting bonus content and art

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