Rescue Team 5
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Rescue Team 5

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In Rescue Team 5, you need to show your rescue skills once again, and travel through various locations to free people in peril! Will you be the hero and save the day?

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Play Rescue Team 5 and join the famous Rescue Team on another unforgettable adventure!

Discover Rescue Team 5, grab your hard hat, and start rescuing people in peril! The famous Rescue Team is counting on you once again, so there's no time to waste. Start removing obstacles, rebuilding infrastructure and saving people. You need to visit various challenging landscapes, so make sure you're prepared for whatever comes your way in Rescue Team 5!
  • put your rescue skills to a challenging test and save people in need
  • remove obstacles, gather resources and rebuild infrastructure
  • travel through exciting locations like wastelands, jungles, mountains, and more
  • discover an explosive finale and try to earn all achievements

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