Nevertales - Legends Platinum Edition
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Nevertales - Legends Platinum Edition

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In Nevertales - Legends Platinum Edition you must save the love of your life from a terrible illness. Travel across five kingdoms in a race to find the cure.

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The love between you and your husband was strong enough to end a war... but is it strong enough to save the world?

Nevertales - Legends Platinum Edition will have you looking for more than hidden objects - you'll be looking for a cure. The love of your life has fallen deathly ill. With doctors unable to aid him, you must set out on a grand adventure across the five kingdoms to save him. But stay on your guard - danger and treachery are hiding around every corner in Nevertales - Legends Platinum Edition.
  • save the royal family from destruction in the bonus game
  • replay hidden object scenes and puzzles for bonuses
  • find collectibles and unlock a secret level
  • enjoy bonus wallpapers, music, and strategy guide

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