Nevertales - Faryon Collector's Edition
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Nevertales - Faryon Collector's Edition

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Nevertales - Faryon Collector's Edition is a thrilling Hidden Object adventure! Can you claim your birthright and rescue your mom in time?

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Explore a magical realm and claim your powers!

In Nevertales - Faryon Collector's Edition, your mom has been taken prisoner in another world and only you can save her! Journey through a magical realm to reclaim your mysterious powers and rescue your mom. But, beware, not everyone wants you to use your magic for good. Can you claim your birthright and save your mom before evil prevails? Find out in Nevertales - Faryon Collector's Edition!
  • Experience Faryon's history through Neero's brave deeds!
  • Collect tons of souvenirs and morphing objects.
  • Replay your favorite scenes and earn extra achievements.
  • Enjoy stunning art, wallpapers, music, and more!

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