Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island
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Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island

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Join Nancy Drew for an adventurous mystery!

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Join Nancy Drew for an Adventurous Mystery

A well-deserved vacation to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest abruptly runs aground when Nancy Drew discovers a new mystery in this adventurous brain-bender. After being invited on a whale-watching excursion, our sleuth arrives to find her hosts tour boat heavily vandalized. And that's just the first in a string of nasty "accidents". Is the trouble in Snake Horse Harbor related to the orphaned orca whale roaming the nearby channel, or is there a deeper threat shrouded in the approaching fog? Plunge into danger and bring this mysterious island's secrets to the surface!
  • Solve Puzzles using Morse code and the Anagram Buster
  • Immersive Storyline and Intriguing Characters
  • Kayak in Coastal Waters and Caves
  • Build Sandcastles, Dig for Clams, and Play Chess
  • Another great, interactive, Nancy Drew mystery!

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