Laruaville 11
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Laruaville 11

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Laruaville 11 tells the story of a brave Viking warrior. Embark on an adventure with the daring hero and seek the warrior paradise Valhalla!

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Join a Viking hero on his quest to find paradise.

Laruaville 11 tells the story of a brave Viking warrior. Hoping to find Valhalla, a paradise for warriors, the brave hero died in battle. But something went wrong! He ended up in a different mystical place. Luckily, friendly ghosts are there to guide him on his journey. Join the brave hero and discover new Match 3 mechanics in Laruaville 11!
  • Discover new and thrilling Match 3 mechanics!
  • Play a new bonus puzzle game.
  • Enjoy an epic story with a brave Viking hero.
  • Build your glorious town!

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