Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11

Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11

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Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11 clears the path for fun with over 1,700 new puzzles! What treasures will you find hidden in this GameHouse Premiere Exclusive?

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Tackle a pile of killer clutter with over 1,700 new puzzles.

Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11 marks the beginning of an exciting new organization extravaganza! Clear the way for fun with over 1,700 new puzzles to explore. Find hidden objects and solve riveting puzzles, including Sliders, Jigsaws, Box Quotes, and more. Don't wait for spring cleaning, tackle the delightful GameHouse Premiere exclusive Ki11er Clutter - Clutter 11 today!
  • Discover brand new object sets and gameplay modes.
  • Solve over 1,700 new puzzles and challenges.
  • Tackle the expert Main Quest with 144 levels.
  • Enjoy endless replayability with new random puzzles!

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