Clutter VI - Leigh's Story
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Clutter VI - Leigh's Story

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Clutter VI - Leigh's Story brings you puzzle based peace of mind! Bring order to a screen full of clutter, and train your brain with every new mini-game. Have fun!

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Find the clutter in between the clutter, and unclutter the clutter from your cluttered screen!

Discover Clutter VI - Leigh's Story! Every perfectionist's favorite game is back - and it's better than ever! Enjoy new Clutter styles and reinvented mini-games against the backdrop of an original Clutter story. Like to bring order to the everyday chaos? Want to train your brain? Well, what are you waiting for?! There's something for everyone to enjoy in Clutter VI - Leigh's Story!
  • enjoy puzzle based peace of mind while removing clutter from your screen
  • discover reinvented mini-games and puzzles
  • learn about Leigh's story throughout countless challenges
  • play your way, and get lost in hours and hours of upbeat gameplay

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