Jewel Match Royale
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Jewel Match Royale

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Jewel Match Royale tells the love story of gardener's son Matthew and Princess Sofia. To win her hand in marriage, Matthew will have to Match 3 his way to nobility!

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A gardener's son, a princess, and a forbidden love. All the ingredients you need for a classic love story.

Jewel Match Royale is a classic love story. The royal gardener's son Matthew is in love with Princess Sofia of Nerinia. But the queen cannot allow their marriage, because Matthew is still a peasant! However, it turns out our plucky gardener can become a nobleman by restoring the kingdom's outdated castles. Your help with this Match 3 romance is very much needed. Play Jewel Match Royale now!
  • Match 3 your way through 120 beautifully colored levels
  • satisfy your puzzle needs with 54 exciting bonus games
  • rebuild castles and estates using your hard earned power-ups
  • dive into a royal love story full of kingdoms and princesses

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