Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4
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Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4

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Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4 invites you to enjoy a seasonal puzzle celebration. Have a happy Halloween with autumnal, costume and family themed jigsaw puzzles!

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Have the happiest of horrors, and celebrate Halloween the jigsaw way!

Enjoy Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4 and have the happiest of horrors! Halloween is trick or treating, dress-up parties, watching horror movies, and, of course, jigsaw puzzles! Lose yourself in hours of seasonal game play with lovely thematic puzzles, customizable to your jigsaw taste. Costumes, treats, family, decorations and autumn themed puzzles await your discovery in Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4!
  • have a happy Halloween horror with seasonal jigsaw puzzles
  • modify the number of pieces, rotation and puzzle cut
  • pour yourself a cuppa and celebrate Halloween your way
  • earn all trophies and top the charts

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