Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4
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Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4

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Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4 contains 500 festive puzzles for you to enjoy. Hours of enjoyable puzzlers await you. Or, modify your own!

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Craving a Jigsaw Puzzle to go with that holiday eggnog? Here's a selection of 500 to get you started!

Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4 is your go-to game for Christmas puzzles! Choose from 500 high-quality photo puzzles in multiple festive categories. Or, modify your own using the game's unique modify option. Challenge yourself by unlocking special trophies, or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy. Give yourself the gift of Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4 today!
  • solve 500 high-quality photo puzzles
  • choose from multiple puzzle categories
  • earn special trophies
  • customize your own puzzles with the modify option

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