Gaslamp Cases 4 - The Arcane Village
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Gaslamp Cases 4 - The Arcane Village

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Gaslamp Cases 4 - The Arcane Village uncovers an intriguing Match 3 mystery. Solve over 70 challenging levels and reveal the secrets hidden in the cursed village!

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Help Morgan and Jack uncover a cursed village's secret!

In Gaslamp Cases 4 - The Arcane Village, Detectives Morgan and Jack spring into action when their friend Eleanor vanishes. But, they soon find themselves stranded near an isolated village where dark rituals take place. What is the secret of the village's curse and what connection does it have to Eleanor? Delve into the darkness and uncover the truth in Gaslamp Cases 4 - The Arcane Village!
  • Solve a Match 3 mystery over more than 70 levels!
  • Unlock 20 useful upgrades to help you crack the case.
  • Master your matching skills with challenging puzzles.
  • Uncover the truth of the village over 5 twisted chapters!

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