Gaslamp Cases 3 - Ancient Secrets
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Gaslamp Cases 3 - Ancient Secrets

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Gaslamp Cases 3 - Ancient Secrets reveals an exciting Match 3 investigation. Uncover the truth behind a mysterious sting of bombings across 5 thrilling chapters!

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Help Detectives Morgan and Jack uncover the truth in an exciting Match 3 mystery!

Gaslamp Cases 3 - Ancient Secrets reveals a mysterious investigation. An urgent case calls Detectives Morgan and Jack back to London - a bombing in a public place! At the same time, an ancient artifact goes missing from London's museum. Was the bombing just a distraction to enable the theft or are there other motives? Help the duo detectives uncover the truth in Gaslamp Cases 3 - Ancient Secrets!
  • Uncover the truth across 5 exciting chapters.
  • Solve over 70 thrilling Match 3 puzzles!
  • Unlock 20 helpful upgrades to level up your game.
  • Stop the mysterious string of bombings!

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