Final Cut - Homage Platinum Edition
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Final Cut - Homage Platinum Edition

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Final Cut - Homage Platinum Edition is the magnum opus of the Director's work - a serial killer with a production that's simply to die for! Can you stop this director's cut?

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Will you be a part of the Director's final casting call? It's a role to die for!

Final Cut - Homage Platinum Edition is the dramatic story of the Director - an illusive serial killer! Use your knowledge of your father's film legacy to switch between real-life scenes and the Director's movie sets. Will you discover the Director's identity before the final credits roll? Find out in this exciting hidden object mystery - Final Cut - Homage Platinum Edition!
  • discover hidden objects, bonuses, and achievements
  • embark on a bonus adventure upon finishing the main story
  • learn how the game was made with the Making Of
  • never call "Cut!" - use the integrated Strategy Guide

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