Final Cut - Encore Platinum Edition
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Final Cut - Encore Platinum Edition

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In Final Cut - Encore Platinum Edition, uncover clues, reveal your father's murky past, and find out who's really responsible for his untimely death...

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Finding out who's responsible for your father's death is tricky when your murderous half sister is after you...

Final Cut - Encore Platinum Edition is like falling into a classic murder mystery film. You alone hold the key to your father's most dangerous invention, and your murderous half sister has escaped....You know she'll be coming for you. Unravel an incredible mystery as you scramble to stay a step ahead. Be careful who you trust, as nothing is quite as it seems in Final Cut - Encore Platinum Edition.
  • immerse dark and mysterious adventure
  • unravel your father's murky past
  • protect the Iris, the last remaining piece of your father's greatest invention
  • enjoy incredible bonus content, including an extra story chapter

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