Big City Adventure - Shanghai
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Big City Adventure - Shanghai

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Big City Adventures - Shanghai challenges travelers to delve into the history, culture and complexity of one of the oldest yet most modern places on Earth.

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Big City Adventures - Shanghai is a hidden-object exploration of a modern city and its cultural roots.

Big City Adventures - Shanghai is a hidden object adventure through the diverse downtowns of a modern urban marvel. Solve hundreds of hidden object puzzles. Engage in mind-bending mini-games. Collect mementos and postcards from all over the sprawling city. Sit back, relax, and enjoy one of Asia's most dynamic cities in Big City Adventures - Shanghai.
  • thousands of hidden objects to uncover
  • explore the cultural depth of one of the fastest-growing cities
  • immerse in the beautiful artwork of a new and dynamic city
  • challenged yourself to earn every postcard and find every item

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