Big City Adventure - Rome
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Big City Adventure - Rome

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Play Big City Adventure - Rome and blend in with the locals to discover Italy's capital like never before! Revel in the history on a journey of adventure, romance and mystery.

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Uncover Rome's grand history, and take in astounding sights surrounded by adventure, romance, and mystery!

All roads lead to Big City Adventure - Rome! And that's a good thing, because you won't want to miss this one. Rome is a city bursting with history, mystery, adventure and romance. Thousands of years of history have given rise to more sights than you can ever imagine - and that means there's plenty of hidden objects to find. So pack your bags and begin your journey in Big City Adventure - Rome!
  • soak up the sun and the sights of the splendid city that's Rome
  • submerge yourself in thousands of years of history as you search for hidden objects
  • gather 60 postcards with fascinating facts about the sights you visit
  • play ever-surprising mini-games to earn fun mementos

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