Youda Sushi Chef 2
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Youda Sushi Chef 2

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Begin with slice, dice, and roll, and then move on to other culinary challenges.

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It's not just sushi!

Begin with slice, dice, and roll, and then move on to other culinary challenges in Youda Sushi Chef 2, a time management game that brings out your inner chef. It's not just sushi on the menu.

Keep you customers happy, achieve the restaurant's daily goals, serve up just the right orders, and keep your inventory stocked. Are you ready for this? You've got the recipes and supporting vendors at your fingertips, and the customers are lining up. What are you waiting for?

Feed the hungry masses when you try Youda Sushi Chef 2 today!
  • Prepare 60 dishes in 6 international restaurants.
  • Upgrade your kitchen for more efficient prep and service.
  • Manage supplies and order fresh ingredients.
  • Take on 6 challenging boss battles.

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