World's Greatest Cities Mosaics
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World's Greatest Cities Mosaics

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World's Greatest Cities Mosaics brings cities like Rome, Tokyo and Vienna to you! Puzzle your way through 5 different types of mosaics, and enjoy visiting 7 beautiful cities.

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Who knew puzzling could take you around the world? Test your mosaics skills and visit 7 beautiful cities!

In World's Greatest Cities Mosaics, you get to visit 7 of the most beautiful cities in the world. This puzzle adventure will take you from Amsterdam to Tokyo in over 200 different mosaic levels. Can you finish all the levels, and complete your journey around the world? Let the captivating music stimulate your puzzle skills in World's Greatest Cities Mosaics!
  • mosaic your way through 210 stunning levels
  • learn facts about seven of the greatest cities in the world
  • test your puzzle skills across five different types of mosaic
  • enjoy creative mosaics and beautiful music

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