Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

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Welcome to Primrose Lake 2 reveals more mystery in this remote little town snuggled between mountain peaks. Everyone is hiding something in this GameHouse Premiere Exclusive!

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Primrose Lake is back with more mystery and an even more thrilling love story!

Welcome to Primrose Lake 2 reveals more of the mysterious lake town's secrets. Jessica Carlyle needs to uncover the truth behind her family's inexplicable deaths. Will she abandon her past love, or leave town for good? Meanwhile, the opening of Primrose Lake Resort and Spa is causing a host of problems for the locals. Mystery awaits in the GameHouse Premiere exclusive Welcome to Primrose Lake 2.
  • Play over 60 challenging levels.
  • Explore new and improved mini games.
  • Follow a rich story and meet new characters!
  • Lose yourself in the astonishing scenery.

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