Weather Lord - Hidden Realm
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Weather Lord - Hidden Realm

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Play Weather Lord - Hidden Realm, and use powerful elements of nature, like rain, wind and sun, to battle many foes.

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Discover Weather Lord - Hidden Realm, and command the powerful forces of nature to save an island.

In Weather Lord - Hidden Realm, evil has taken over Latgale Island. Command the powerful forces of nature to set the island inhabitants free. Move across the island while battling foes, restoring villages, and helping people. Choose which types of building to construct and how to make the best use of elements like rain, sun, and wind. Play Weather Lord - Hidden Realm today!
  • free the island inhabitants from the tyranny of many foes
  • use powerful elements of nature to move across the island
  • perform many different tasks to restore the island
  • play 50 challenging levels and earn achievements

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