Surface - The Pantheon Platinum Edition
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Surface - The Pantheon Platinum Edition

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Surface - The Pantheon Platinum Edition tells the story of a train that vanished into thin air with your family aboard... What if there was one last chance to see them?

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The train took your family from you... If you ever get a second chance, don't miss it!

In Surface - The Pantheon Platinum Edition, a train's special first trip turns into disaster, as it vanishes into thin air. Missing the train that day saved your life, but wrecked your world. Your husband and daughter went without you, never to return. But a year later, a strange experiment revives your hope. What if you could see them again? Discover Surface - The Pantheon Platinum Edition today!
  • investigate the uncanny disappearance of your husband and daughter
  • venture out on an overwhelming adventure in Casual, Advanced or Hard mode
  • find hidden objects, gather flowers and solve mini-games
  • follow a strange scientist deep into an inexplicable mystery

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