Sky Crew Platinum Edition

Sky Crew Platinum Edition

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Fly high with Sky Crew Platinum Edition! Chase your dream of becoming a first class flight attendant while you travel to the far corners of the world.

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Always wanted to be a stewardess? Let your dreams take flight! Sky crew to air control - ready for takeoff!

Sky Crew Platinum Edition takes you up to 36,000 feet of fun! Hop aboard and elevate your serving skills from trainee to first class flight attendant - with a bit of ambition, the sky is never the limit... Spoil your passengers with food and beverages. Fly high and work fast, as it's easy to get grumpy in these cramped seats! Aspire to great heights in Sky Crew Platinum Edition!
  • try your hand at becoming a flight attendant and reach for the skies
  • serve delicious dishes and keep your passengers happy from take-off to landing
  • earn all the achievements and become sky crew elite
  • travel all around the globe, from sunny Hawaii, to chilly Sweden