Shopping Clutter 14 - Winter Garden
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Shopping Clutter 14 - Winter Garden

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Shopping Clutter 14 - Winter Garden clears the path for an exciting new challenge! Declutter over 140 colorful puzzles and set up a winter greenhouse for Auntie Sheep.

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Help the Walker family create the perfect winter garden!

In Shopping Clutter 14 - Winter Garden, poor Auntie Sheep is feeling blue as the winter has kept her from doing what she loves most – growing plants in her garden. But the Walkers are not going to leave her feeling sad until spring! Sift through the clutter and help the Walkers set up a greenhouse and create a stunning winter garden for Auntie Sheep in Shopping Clutter 14 - Winter Garden!
  • Solve 140 clutter levels and unlock 20 bonus puzzles!
  • Declutter hundreds of brand new garden-themed items.
  • Relax to musical masterpieces and soothing sounds.
  • Help the Walkers bring a smile to Auntie Sheep’s face!

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