Sea of Lies - Nemesis Platinum Edition
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Sea of Lies - Nemesis Platinum Edition

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Play Sea of Lies - Nemesis Platinum Edition and solve a string of mysterious deaths! As governor's asked you to lead the investigation, you know it's going to be serious...

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When the governor himself asks you to solve a mysterious murder, you know it's serious... Don't let him down!

In Sea of Lies - Nemesis Platinum Edition, the governor himself wants you to investigate the death of a prominent citizen. It's been ruled a death by natural causes, but the ominous note, with a figurine of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of Vengeance leads you to believe there's more to this case... But can you prove it? Bring your forensics kit and play Sea of Lies - Nemesis Platinum Edition!
  • investigate the mysterious death of a high ranking official
  • puzzle your way through hidden object scenes and mini-games
  • use your forensics kit to examine a wide variety of scenes and find clues
  • enjoy amazing extras like a strategy guide, a bonus game, wallpapers and screensavers

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