PuppetShow - Lost Town
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PuppetShow - Lost Town

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Puppet Show - Lost Town takes you to a newly discovered system of caves. Explore its depths and save a little girl taken by a terrifying mechanical beast!

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Play Puppet Show - Lost Town and chase mechanical monsters. Go underground to save Suzy!

In Puppet Show - Lost Town, a city is in turmoil over the discovery of a huge system of caves. The town's citizens make their way to the spectacular opening, but they're not the only ones. In a flash, little Suzy is taken by a terrifying mechanical beast. Put your detective head on and search for hidden objects to save her. Unravel a well buried secret in Puppet Show - Lost Town!
  • set out on a terrifying hunt after mechanical beasts
  • descend to the depths of an immersive mystery
  • find hidden objects and solve clever puzzles to pave your way
  • find out what's going on in the damned town of Moonstone

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