Our Beautiful Earth 5
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Our Beautiful Earth 5

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Our Beautiful Earth 5 takes you on a breathtaking journey around the globe! Explore stunning locations in Vietnam, England and many other countries, across 30 majestic levels.

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Explore the beauty of the world around you in a breathtaking Hidden Object game.

Our Beautiful Earth 5 takes you on a majestic journey around the globe! Discover vibrant cultures and uncover tons of hidden objects, as you explore the beauty of the world around you. Meet a variety of animals as you take in the majestic sights of Vietnam, England and more, across 30 breathtaking levels. Enjoy a relaxing trip around the world in Our Beautiful Earth 5!
  • Explore 30 breathtaking Hidden Object levels!
  • Solve tons of fun minigames between levels.
  • Play it your way with different gameplay modes.
  • Discover the wonders of different cultures!

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